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Weber State University
1001 University Circle, RM 302
Ogden, UT 84408-1001

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At Work

Chuck Wight serves as President of Weber State University.

Previously, Chuck served as Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Utah, where he was a member of the faculty from 1984-2012.

Chuck's research is focused on determining the rates and mechanisms of decomposition and combustion reactions of high explosives and propellants. His research group develops computational models of propellant combustion and detonation for use in high-performance computer simulations in collaboration with other scientists at the Center for Simulation of Accidental Fires and Explosions (C-SAFE). The simulation engine for C-SAFE is called Uintah. Chuck served as Deputy Director of C-SAFE from 2002-2010.

Recent Publications

  1. J. Peterson and C. A. Wight, "An Eulerian-Lagrangian Computational Model for the Deflagration-to-Detonation Transition," Combustion and Flame 2012, 159, 2491-2499.
  2. J. Peterson, J. Beckvermit, T. Harman, M. Berzins and C. Wight, "Multiscale Modeling of High Explosives for Transportation Accidents", Proceedings of the XSEDE '12 Conference 2012, Article 32, ACM Digital Library,
  3. M. Berzins, J. Luitjens, Q. Meng, T. Harman, C. Wight and J. Peterson, "Uintah: a scalable framework for hazard analysis," Proceedings of the TeraGrid 2010 Conference 3,
  4. C. A. Wight and E. G. Eddings, "Science-Based Simulation Tools for Hazard Assessment and Mitigation (Invited Paper)," in Advancements in Energetic Materials and Chemical Propulsion, K. K. Kuo and K. Hori, Eds. (Begell House, New York, 2008) pp. 921-937.
  5. N. L. Livne, O. E. Livne and C. A. Wight, "Enhancing mathematical creativity through multiple solutions to open-ended problems online." Proceedings of National Educational Computing Conference 2008. San Antonio, TX: International Society of Technology in Education.
  6. C. A. Wight, "Talking Points: Plugging the Holes," Currents Magazine 2008 (Council for Advancement and Support of Education) March 13 issue.
  7. J. Wang and C. A. Wight, "Use of Condensed Phase Reaction Models in Combustion Simulation of Energetic Materials," J. Propulsion Power 2008, 24(2), 175-183.
Open Education Resources

As an educator, Chuck has developed web-based Open Education Resource (OER) tools for teaching and learning college-level chemistry for more than 15 years. He is the founder and software architect of, which provides free resources for learning topics in General Chemistry. Chuck created a series of video tutorials for General Chemistry topics that have been widely viewed on YouTube and iTunesU. He also served as the project director for the Technology-Intensive Concurrent Enrollment (TICE) project for the Utah System of Higher Education in 2011-12.

Closing the Academic Gap in Math Education

Chuck is a founding partner, with Oren Livne and Nava Livne, of, an online math education tool designed to assist students to prepare themselves to take college-level math courses. The project was recently spun off into a commercial venture by the University of Utah Technology Commercialization Office.

Just For Fun